President’s Message: Transforming Channel Professionals into Channel Chiefs

By Corrine Sharp, C4 President

As I take over the role of President I see great possibilities for this organization. We have built a strong foundation over the past few years, and I see it as my mandate to take it to the next level.  I am excited by the opportunity to lead the board in a slightly new direction, focusing on value for our board, but also new members who are looking to this Council to help them grow and scale their businesses.

A new beginning but building on what has been done.

Living in the world of channels, whether you are on the vendor/builder side or the reseller/implementer side of the fence, it’s all about establishing relationships for mutual gain.  For those of us who have been in it for a while, channel’s are in our blood.  And, while we may shift direction in our careers, selling with and thru others always seems to be the smartest path forward.

Identifying partners

The opportunity before us is to truly make C4 The Voice of the Canadian Channel. To do so we need to identify and help those organizations that want to learn from those who have pioneered and succeeded at effective channel building.  We are agnostic to a particular vendor, indifferent to whose cloud is better, and will base inclusion not on who sponsored what, but the desire to be an active participant in the organization.

My goals

I enthusiastically embrace my three-year term as the new C4 President.  This is what I hope to accomplish by the end of that term:

  • a thriving membership across builders and implementers who look to our Board and C4 as their “go to” place for information, guidance, business strategy and mentoring
  • the C4 Pathways Channel Chief designation is industry recognized and well on its way to becoming the industry standard that hiring leaders look for and channel professionals are proud to post on their LinkedIn profiles
  • our board welcomes the opportunity to actively participate in C4 programming and are vocal advocates about the value and importance of our mission

Our next board meeting is October 18th where we have an opportunity to chart our course for the next 6-12 months focusing on transforming channel professionals into Channel Chiefs!  Let’s get started.  

Corinne Sharp