C4 Profile: Welcoming Reihaneh Tabatabaei-Yazdim & Ange Valentini

C4 is excited to welcome two new members to our community: Reihaneh Tabatabaei-Yazdi, Channel Theatre Lead at Splunk Canada, and Ange Valentini, Head of Channel Sales Canada at Checkpoint.

Reihaneh Tabatabaei-Yazdi

Reihaneh Tabatabaei-Yazdi
Channel Theatre Lead
Splunk Canada

As the Channel Theatre Lead at Splunk Canada, Reihaneh Tabatabaei-Yazdi is responsible for leading the go-to market strategy with partners across all routes to market in Canada and delivering profitable business growth with a customer and partner-first approach. Reihaneh has over 17 years experience in the software and hardware channel market and her background in operations and finance caters to her ability to elevate business effectiveness and forge strategic relationships. Reihaneh takes a vision and makes it reality through detailed planning, sound strategy development and focused execution.

Reihaneh’s top priorities for 2023 is to revamp Splunk’s existing Canada channel ecosystem, improve partner profitability and increase the amount of recurring partner revenue.

Ange Valentini

Ange Valentini
Head of Channel Sales Canada

Ange Valentini is currently Head of Check Point’s Channel & Supply Chain for Canada. His responsibilities include strategy & execution for Check Point Channel Partners, with a focus on organizations in the Canadian market. Prior to joining Check Point, Ange held several key Senior Executive leadership positions at Avaya, Cisco Systems Canada, and Public Accounting over a 30 year period. Ange’s passions include an extensive record of achievement in the areas of Channel, Operations, and Finance, with direct contributions to mutual beneficial growth.

As Channel Leader at Avaya, Cisco, and in his Channel Distribution Operations role for Cisco Canada, Ange was responsible for all aspects of Canada channel sales and partner enablement. He was instrumental in leading the creation and launch of Cisco Canada’s contact centre in support of partners that work with small and medium sized businesses. Ange also held other positions in Cisco including Chief Financial Officer, SOx Controller, Finance Manager, and Americas International Channels Controller.

Prior to joining Cisco, Ange held senior staff roles with Grant Thorton and Solursh Feldman. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Ryerson University and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.