C4 Profile: Fred Patterson, Red Hat Canada

Fred Patterson is an accomplished IT sales professional with more than 25 years of ecosystem leadership and business building experience. Working with industry leaders, including Symantec and Cisco, the majority of his experience has centred on cybersecurity.

Fred is currently the Ecosystem Director for Red Hat Canada, the leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions which help customers operate, migrate, modernize and automate their infrastructure and applications.

As Red Hat’s Ecosystem Director, Fred is responsible for building a Canadian ecosystem that meets customers where they are. While the ecosystem helps Red Hat scale, it also provides services and creates solutions that solve customer problems while reducing costs and meeting goals. Fred is very excited about how the ecosystem is evolving to solve complex problems. It is not uncommon to see multiple ecosystem partners collaborating and Fred and his team at Red Hat are helping to make those connections. The channel has become so much more than resale and far more complex than binary, one to one engagements. Vendors that think they can go it alone will be left behind. The ecosystem is the way forward.

Photography, cycling, skiing and hiking interest Fred when not working. He’s also trying to reinvigorate his golf game, but with limited success.