C4 Board Member profile: Hanif Mawji, AMD

Hanif Mawji manages the Commercial/Enterprise business for AMD in North America, specifically working with organizations in the Commercial, Enterprise and Public Sector(s). With 15 years of experience in IT, Hanif promotes the benefits of AMD technology as a choice to enable competitive IT infrastructure. In addition to working with end-user organizations, Hanif’s commercial responsibilities include working closely with multinational OEMs, distributors, channel partners, and strategic ISV partners. CDN recently had an opportunity to speak with Hanif about his career and the channel.

CDN: What does your current position involve?

Mawji: I’m the Senior Director, North America Commercial, which basically means I’m responsible for end-user Enterprise, Commercial, HPC, Education, Government, and Hyperscale Business for North America specifically targeting the Datacenter space.

CDN: Looking back on your career, what led you to where you are right now?

Mawji: I haven’t gone in a straight line, that’s for sure. But I have had many opportunities throughout my career, and they were pretty much always tied to the channel in some way.


CDN: What’s the biggest cloud trend out there right now?

Mawji: I’m right now seeing a push for HPC in the cloud that is spanning multiple verticals like finance, oil and gas, and enterprise. The need to support higher-performing verticals is big right now. Another trend is toward pushing non-traditional workloads for greater scale in the cloud.

CDN: What advice would you give young up-and-comers in the channel?

Mawji: I guess the best advice I could give would be for them to be open and receptive to change. Don’t limit yourself or close yourself off. Ask a ton of questions, and try to always be looking for new technologies or trends within your customer base that could lead to disruption.

CDN: What can/should be done to ensure the Canadian (and NA) channel ecosystems continue to thrive?

Mawji: I think there should be a continued focus on value-add. The channel must always be about new innovation, and we have to make sure SMEs get on board to lead that charge forward into the future.