Participating in the C4 Mentorship program is a one of a kind professional development opportunity that will support participants in accelerating their learning and career advancement. As such, participants in the program are required to be comfortable with the following expectations:

  • It is the responsibility of the mentee to manage and set up meetings with his/her mentor and to complete follow through on a timely basis.
  • Set up relationship guidelines and boundaries that will cover at a minimum frequency of meetings, format, goals for mentorship and an agreement for handling of any potential business conflicts.
  • No confidential information will be shared or discussed without the other party‚Äôs agreement.
  • If the mentor/mentee match is not a good fit, the mentee will first engage in a discussion with the mentor to resolve any issues and then notify the program manager for support or to make any changes.
  • When asked, the mentee will provide feedback either in a roundtable or interview format or via surveys to gather input and suggestions for program improvements or to share successes.
  • It is understood that circumstance may change and that if it no longer makes sense to be engaged in the mentorship program, the participant will first inform his or her mentor and then update the program manager.

While C4 will endeavor to match all program participants with mentors, it may not be possible to do so in all cases. C4 does not guarantee a match for all applicants.