In support of C4’s leadership in developing Channel Chiefs of the future, the organization is launching a mentorship program.

This newly launched initiative focuses on channel competencies, leadership skills and professional development for individuals working in channel leadership roles and who aspire to build their careers or are looking for a sounding board for deploying channel strategies.  Through this mentorship program, C4 strives to create 1:1 partnerships that are customized to what a mentee wants to learn, develop and explore. Mentors are experienced Channel Chiefs from the C4 board of directors and membership.

Mentoring is a high impact professional development strategy that serves to increase the mentee’s competence in key areas of managing an effective channel, working within the channel ecosystem and developing one’s career as a channel chief. Working with a seasoned channel chief from another organization affords a mentee the opportunity to gain new perspectives, develop leadership and business skills, as well as advance in the channel profession.

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Why Mentoring?

The IT industry is constantly evolving and re-inventing, emphasizing the need for professionals to continuously learn to stay relevant. Mentorship is a proven career development approach that accelerates learning, enhances retention and job satisfaction for both the mentee and mentor.

The Mentorship Program allows both the upcoming generation of channel leaders, as well as those already in the role, to explore new skills and learn from industry veterans who have weathered several changes in their own careers. It also offers mentors the benefit of reinforcing their own skills and knowledge. Channel Chief mentors also benefit by sharing their experiences, sharpening and enhancing their leadership skills outside a cross-company relationship.

The program runs for six months and requires a minimum of three meetings over this period. The exact focus of the relationship is determined by the mentor and mentee.

Criteria for the Program:

The criteria for successful applicants to the C4 mentorship program includes the following:

  • Applicants are currently in a channel leadership role or a senior sales position accountable for channel strategies within his/her organization.
  • Applicants have the full support of his/her employers to participate in this program.
  • Applicants have the experience, skills, professional development plan and ambition to want to move into a Channel Chief role within the next few years.
  • Applicants are currently employed by an organization that is a corporate or founding member of C4.
  • If accepted, applicants are committed to the program and must deliver on the program participant expectations

Applying to the Program:

To create effective mentorship partnerships, we need to know more about you and your goals. Every effort to match applicants with a mentor will be made, however based on availability and goal not all applications are guaranteed a match.

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The Process:

  • Understand the expectations of mentees
  • Complete the application
  • Attach an up-to-date résumé (mandatory) or include your LinkedIn

NOTE: All information provided is treated as confidential and only shared with the C4 Mentorship Advisory Committee.

Expectations of Program Participants:

Rules of Engagement (infographic)

Participating in the C4 Mentorship program is a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity that will support participants in accelerating their learning and career advancement. As such, participants in the program are required to be comfortable with the following expectations:

  • It is the responsibility of the mentee to manage and set up meetings with his/her mentor and to complete follow through on a timely basis.
  • Set up relationship guidelines and boundaries that will cover, at a minimum frequency of meetings, format, goals for mentorship and an agreement for handling of any potential business conflicts.
  • No confidential information will be shared or discussed without the other party’s agreement.
  • If the mentor/mentee match is not a good fit, the mentee will first engage in a discussion with the mentor to resolve any issues and then notify the program manager for support or to make any changes.
  • When asked, the mentee will provide feedback either in a roundtable or interview format or via surveys to gather input and suggestions for program improvements or to share successes.
  • It is understood that circumstance may change and that if it no longer makes sense to be engaged in the mentorship program, the participant will first inform his or her mentor and then update the program manager.
  • While C4 will endeavor to match all program participants with mentors, it may not be possible to do so in all cases. C4 does not guarantee a match for all applicants.

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