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Professional Development for Today and Tomorrow’s Top Channel Professionals and Executives

What is the Pathways Program?

Pathways is a multi-stream training program for channel leaders and Channel Chiefs interested in honing the skills required for channel success.

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, it’s essential for vendor leaders to understand channel fundamentals, strengthen channel skillsets and use this expertise to improve their organization’s bottom line. 

Until now, channel professionals had to build their own education opportunities through various corporate-sponsored training, online seminars, leadership retreats and expensive correspondence courses. But without channel-specific knowledge and training that leads to a professional designation, these programs don’t serve the needs of channel managers and executives. 

The Canadian Channel Chief Council’s Pathways program changes all that. The Pathways program is designed to help channel professionals learn and demonstrate an advanced understanding of the eight core competencies identified as essential by industry champions.  

Pathways also offers mentorship opportunities throughout the program to support each candidate’s success.

Pathways Professional Designations for Channel Managers And Channel Leaders

The Pathways program is divided into two streams that lead to an accredited Pathways designation: Certified Channel Leader and Certified Channel Chief.

Certified Channel Leader Program

This program is for channel managers who want to develop into a more senior role. This program is self-paced, allowing candidates to guide their own learning path. Candidates can explore the eight pillars of channel expertise at their own pace over a 12-month period; serious learners can complete the program in less than three months. 

The Certified Channel Leader program requires the completion of a series of online modules aligned to the eight core competencies of channel leadership. Each module has repeatable tests that take 30 to 40 minutes each and candidates are tested continually throughout the program to ensure they’re learning and retaining the appropriate information. 

Once candidates achieve 80% on the knowledge tests across all eight core competencies, they quality for the C4 Pathways Certified Channel Leader professional designation.

Individuals who receive the Certified Channel Leader designation will require hands-on channel experience before tackling C4’s Pathways master-level certification, the Certified Channel Chief designation.

Certified Channel Chief Program

This is a senior designation for channel leaders in existing senior roles. This program certifies that channel leaders have demonstrated excellence across all eight core competencies. The master-level certification includes a 90-minute examination by senior channel leaders that demands hands-on examples of how the candidate acted in situations involving the eight pillars of channel professionalism. A minimum of two-years of experience building and leading a channel organization is required before taking the exam.

Our Certified Channel Chief program examiners: 

Corinne Sharp
President, Canadian Channel Chiefs Council

Mark Collins
Channel Consultant, C4 Advisor

The Pillars of Channel Professionalism

To achieve certification and earn the Certified Channel Leader or Certified Channel Chief designation and trust marks, participants must demonstrate superior understanding in the areas of strategy, finance, marketing, channel building, operations, managing change, leadership and talent management. 

For today’s professionals and executives, understanding these fundamentals, alongside the issues facing channel professionals, opens the door to advanced thought leadership opportunities and strengthens the entire channel community.


Uncover what the channel is, why you need it and how to leverage your channel to uncover new leads, find customers and grow your business.


Pinpoint the budget for channel build, enablement and activation. Learn how to forecast for the channel and manage the bottom line.


Discover why marketing is becoming a key competency for the channel community and how to market through and with partners.

Talent Management

Gain the skills required to hire and manage channel professionals who can sell with others and build a successful channel ecosystem.

Channel Building

Learn sustainable recruitment practices for new and existing channels.


Understand and navigate operational best practices across all partner delivery methods.

Managing Change

Guide the transition between traditional and new models.


Learn how channel leaders strategically scale their businesses through other companies.

Certified Channel Chiefs

Tara Fine

Jas Sahota

John Cammalleri

Hanif Mawji

Jodi Bonham

Zach Dickson

Deanna Thompson

Mary Coppard

Mark Collins

Bill Brandel

Pete West

Tracey Huchinson

Benefits of the C4 Pathways Programs

There are many benefits to both the Certified Channel Leader program and the Certified Channel Chief program.

Pathways Program BenefitsCertified Channel Leader ProgramCertified Channel Chief Program
Official accreditation through the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council (C4).
Active learning and engagement through involvement with industry committees.
Complimentary access to research funded by the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council.
Discounted registration for relevant industry workshops.
Improved peer-to-peer communication.
Future industry-standard designation for channel professionals and progressive companies. 
Mentorship program.
C4 trust marks.

What Are Trust Marks?

Trust marks showcase business acumen, technology knowledge and hard and soft skills; they’re used by companies and individuals to build customer confidence. Some firms find trust marks lead to higher conversion rates. In the Pathways programs, trust marks are awarded based on test results across the eight core competencies. Successful candidates have exclusive use of the C4 trust mark and can use it on their LinkedIn profile, business cards and corporate promotional material.

Program Costs

Pathways is a premium professional development and accreditation program for channel managers and channel executives interested in demonstrating excellence, pursuing further leadership roles and contributing to their company’s channel ecosystem.

Certified Channel Leader Program

$625 + HST for C4 members

$1,250 + HST for non-members (become a C4 member today)

Certified Channel Chief Exam

$695 + HST for C4 Members

$1,250 + HST for non-members who have achieved their C4 Certified Channel Leader designation.

Fees include all instructional material and access to Pathways educational resources including white papers, videos, webinars and Canadian Channel Chiefs Council research. Current members or companies that register more than one participant at a time are eligible for a discounted rate. Email for details.

Tomorrow’s Top Channel Professionals and Executives: Get the Right Professional Development Today!  

To register for the Certified Channel Leader program

To register for the Certified Channel Chief Program



If you have questions about how the Certified Channel Leader or Certified Channel Chief program can help you, your team and your channel ecosystem, please contact: