A professional development program for tomorrow’s top channel sales professionals and executives

What is the Pathway Program?

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, understanding both the future and fundamentals of the channel is imperative for vendor employees and solution providers who want to advance and become leaders in their company and the industry as a whole.

To date, education initiatives have been a patchwork quilt of corporate-sponsored training, “one of” online seminars, over-focused or unfocused leadership retreats, and expensive correspondence courses that may feature good information, but lack professional recognition acknowledgment.

The Canadian Channel Chief Council’s Pathways program changes all that. Built on eight core competencies identified by industry champions, participants are challenged to explore the priorities and then demonstrate an advanced understanding of each area.  Mentorship opportunities are available to help ensure each candidate’s success.

The Competency Pillars

To achieve certification and earn the Channel Chiefs Professional or Masters Trust Marks, participants must demonstrate superior understanding in the areas of strategy, finance, managing change, channel building, marketing, talent management, leadership, and operations. Understanding the fundamentals of the issues at play will open the door to advanced thought leadership opportunities for candidates and strengthen the entire channel community.

The pillars that need to be understood by today’s sales professionals and executives


What is the channel? Why do you need it? How can you leverage your channel to find customers, uncover new leads and grow your business?


Pinpointing budget for channel build, enablement, and activation. Managing the bottom line. Channel forecasting.


Why marketing is becoming a key competency for the community. Understanding how to market through partners and with them.

Channel Building

Sustainable recruitment practices for new and existing channels.


Understanding and navigating operational best practices across all partner delivery methods.

Managing Change

Guiding the transition between traditional and new models.



Expertly scaling your business strategically through other companies is a unique attribute for channel leaders

Talent Management

The ability to hire and manage channel professionals with the DNA to sell with others is critical for the success of your channel ecosystem.


Exploration of the eight pillars can take up to 12 months, allowing participants to progress at their own pace. The learning continuum is focused around the candidate’s own learning path and tailored to ensure maximum impact for the participant. It is only by ensuring the highest levels of understanding are achieved that the Channel Chief accreditations will become the required industry standard for progressive companies.

There are two Pathways designations.

1) Accredited Channel Chief:  The senior designation for channel leaders in existing senior roles.

2) Accredited Channel Leader Professional: For channel managers who want to develop into a more senior role.

C4 offers a mentorship program for participants in both programs. Please register here if you would like to be assigned a mentor.

Benefits of the C4 Pathways Program

In addition to the official accreditation, the career-enhancing connections and professional development opportunities that are central to the Pathway program, participants can take advantage of other benefits. They include:

  • Active learning and engagement through involvement with industry committees
  • Complimentary access to research funded by the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council
  • Discounted registration for relevant industry workshops
  • Improved peer-to-peer communication
  • Certification through the examination of eight core pillars leading to Trust Marks

Certified Channel Chiefs



Trust Marks

Trust marks are awarded based on testing conducted around the eight pillars. Trust marks are an indication of business acumen, technology knowledge and both hard and soft skills. Companies and individuals use trust marks to build customer confidence. Some firms report trust marks leads to higher conversion rates. The awarding of trust marks will be tailored to the specific skill sets and positioning of the participants. Successful candidates have exclusive use of the C4 Trust mark and can use it on their  LinkedIn profile, business cards and corporate promotional material.

Channel Leader Professional Designation

The Channel Leader Professional Designation requires the completion of a series of online modules aligned to the core disciplines of channel leadership. This program is self-paced, with knowledge tests at the conclusion of each module. When you achieve 80% in competency each section, you will have achieved your C4 Channel Leadership Professional Designation.

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Channel Chief Masters Designation

The senior level of the C4 training initiatives is the Channel Chief Master’s Designation. This is achieved by completing the 90-minute Pathways exam administered by at least two senior industry leaders.

Our prestigious examiners include:

Corinne Sharp

Donna Wittmann


Pathways is a premium professional development and accreditation program for channel executives interested in pursuing leadership roles.

Channel Leadership Professional Designation

  • $625 + HST for C4 members
  • $1250 + HST for non-members

Channel Leadership Master Designation Exam:

  • $695 + HST for C4 Members
  • $1250 + HST  for non-members who have achieved their C4 Professional Designation.

Fees include:  All instructional material and access to Pathway educational resources such as white papers, videos, webinars and Canadian Channel Chief Council research. Discounts are available for current members or companies signing up more than one individual.

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